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You have been dreaming of more, and now it is time to make it happen!


Impactful business mentoring helping your align into your POWER to create the life that you have dreamt of!

Learn how to navigate the hurdles of life whilst waking up every day feeling empowered, inspired and looking forward to your days journey!

Making more money and creating freedom & endless opportunities!




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My Story


One day I was lashing a client in my Lash Caravan, I was telling her how I was burnt out, fatigued & working long hours trying to fit in all my clients, I was missing time with my 3 children, one of them had only started walking.


She told me something that has stuck with me & changed how I do life.

"Sommer if you don't focus on you, you can not be a good mum, or wife, or friends, or business owner. It is ok to be selfish, focusing on your self will only give you the power to show your best self to all those around you"


And a new series of how I lived my life was born. We are brought up with it imprinted in our brains that we can't be selfish, that we have to work so hard to get where we would like to be, and there is no rest for the wicked.


I am hear to help you re write your story. To find you the perfect balance where YOU get to look after YOU first and foremost. 

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