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All Courses Include A Full Starter Kit

Classic Lashes

Our ONLINE & FACE - TO - FACE lash program is changing the standards of the Lash industry. Our easy to follow online modules & our 2 day intensive one on one practical in  person course leaves you confident  you have made the right move in your career!

We also educate you on how to have the right mindset to successfully turn your hobby into a Lash Empire.

Russian Volume

Are you confident in Classic Lash application, Russian Volume is the next step in your Lash journey, we will find the perfect fan technique for you, so you can create INSTA- worthy Lashes which have the ladies running to you for a Lash Sesh!

Pro-made Application

Are you confident in Classic Lash application, and want to provide Pro-made lashes in a sustainable and safe way, this course provides you with the confidence to add Pro- mades to your menu knowing you are applying them safety. *COMING SOON


Lash Mastery

This Intensive workshop isn't for the faint hearted! It's like bootcamp but for Eyelash Extensions. You will learn the fundamentals of Classic Eyelash Extensions, Hybrid Extensions and Russian Volume Extensions over 5 days of one on one Extensive training.


We are big believers in updating our skills, our industry is always changing and everyone's individual up skill needs will vary. Our up skill Workshop is a one on one day fully customised for you by us. whether it be Russian volume or Classic Application or perhaps kicking your business into gear and starting to make a profit from your love of lashing


Lash lifting is a revolutionised version of a lash perm, using a flat silicon pad instead of a rod, the technique lifts the natural lash from the base to create a natural curl, giving the illusion of fuller and longer natural lashes.

Brow Design & Henna

Brow Henna is an amazing product with many benefits. It promotes hair growth which allows you do do correctional brow shaping on clients & lasts much longer than a standard tint. Learn the ins and outs of our signature brow service and how to make your client's brows special in our one day Brow Design &  Henna course. 


Brow Lamination


Brow Lamination is a revolutionary service which allows you to change the direction in which your client's brow hairs sit, without the gel! This one day course covers all things Lamination with a bonus lesson in brow dye application! (Brow experience is a prerequisite.)


Brow Mastery 

A two day 1 on 1 course covering absolutely everything Brows! We go through waxing, mapping, brow henna & brow lamination. As an added bonus, brand mentoring is included for those just starting their brow biz journey out!

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